Kedge is proud to announce the launch of our unique innovation program called Wicked Opportunities®. In this program, we turn the idea of “wicked” or complex problems on its head. Instead of running from complexity and attempting to create the most simple answers through linear thinking, we believe that complexity offers us a broader and more expansive landscape from which to discover new and exciting solutions to long-standing problems. Such an environment also promotes the meshing or convergence of previously siloed disciplines, creating a whole new field of tools and ideas that lead us toward abundant futures rather than collapse and defeat. These two concepts – embracing complexity and converging disciplines – are the heart of the Wicked Opportunities program. As Kedge Principal Frank Spencer notes: 

“Wicked Opportunities is a unique innovation program, highlighting the shift to a new landscape and economy of transformative invention. In the Postnormal world of the 21st Century, we have to reframe complexity as the natural order of growth, an empowering tool to be embraced and leveraged for greater opportunity. This in turn calls us to converge the previously siloed disciplines of the Industrial Age, giving birth to the “sweet spots” that reveal undiscovered and creative concepts, finally solving long-standing problems and seizing what were thought to be unreachable aspirations.”

Wicked Opportunities® consists of 4 stages of development, testing and transformation:

Wicked Designs

In our exponentially complex world, we must learn how to recognize the convergence of trends, and what those collisions might produce. In this way, we can create the seeds of Wicked Opportunities – undiscovered solutions to our greatest problems. How do we go about seeing the collision of present and emerging trends, and how do we speculate on what that might create? In this initial stage, participants learn how to converge trends to create emerging ideas and possibilities, and how they can intentionally leverage this skillset to find Wicked Opportunities.

Wicked Implications

Participants will explore the implications of their newly created products, processes and services. As innovators, it is easy to get caught up in the initial excitement of creating a novel approach to solving an existing problem; however, in order to create truly transformative ideas with longevity in the marketplace, we must imagine the ripple effects caused by the introduction of our new approach. It’s through the examination of these potential future impacts and implications that we can strengthen our innovation, today.

Wicked Effects

Participants will hack the potential capability and landscape of the innovation they refined from Wicked Implications. This process will help participants to investigate the effects that their innovation will have on people and their surroundings, and provide knowledge about the innovation that will be built upon in the final part of the program.

Wicked Intentions

Participants will be using their refined innovation from Wicked Effects to build a series of growth curves that details the developmental strategies that could lead to a transformational expression of the innovation. Through this process, a map will be created that helps organizations to identify the breakpoints and breakthroughs in the life of their innovation, thus discovering the short and long term possibilities embedded within the DNA of their original innovation and capitalizing on the full potential of the original idea.

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