“The way that you see the future directly impacts the actions you take today.”

Leading organizations in these volatile and complex times require new approaches and mindsets. Trends and emerging landscapes in society, technology and the economy are all converging in unexpected ways, forever changing how people view and interact with the world. The organizations and institutions that anticipate this value shift and take the appropriate actions will be positioned to benefit from the opportunities that result. Those that remain tied to current business practices and outdated ways of developing foresight, innovation, strategy, creativity and design in their businesses, leaders and organizations will likely struggle or fail.

Developing a futures-empowered culture and competency is a critical skillset for successful foresight, innovation, strategy, creativity and design in a world of complex ideas and practices. What is needed is not a better crystal ball, but rather an instrument for building adaptation, resilience and transformation through recognition of emerging patterns, environments and possibilities. At Kedge, we help you to uncover trends and ideas on the horizon that are going to impact your business and organization, and discover unseen opportunities for growth and advantage today.


Wicked Opportunities is the principle behind our unique framework for creating futures-empowered organizations in a world of volatile change and accelerating complexity.

WO_LogoWicked Opportunities® is our unique philosophy that enables us to create functional views of aspirational futures and possibilities. Through this principle, today’s organizations are better prepared for potential threats and are able to capitalize on hidden opportunities. While no one can precisely predict what lies ahead, Wicked Opportunities® provides the foundation to make sense of our complex landscapes and leverage those insights to create action-oriented maps. These well informed maps allow us to test our current strategy, develop breakthrough innovations and create transformative change. Organizations that intentionally develop a futures-empowered culture are primed for market-leading innovation, successful opportunity development, and revenue-generating futures intelligence.


 Our clients are futures-empowered through several complimentary areas of expertise:


Kedge Client List April 2016

  • Foresight

    This is the philosophy that runs throughout everything we do at Kedge, granting us insight and expertise far beyond the present-day limitations and linear ways of viewing the world. Through the lens of foresight, we are able to help our clients turn both short and long term possibilities into the actions and outcomes they need in order to produce unprecedented success.

  • Innovation

    Our futures-empowered foundation allows us to envision innovation outside of the confines of competitive intelligence and industry-related benchmarking. In today’s complex landscape, innovation should not only be inspired by ideas and platforms outside of your industry, but must also come from a place beyond our understanding of past and present realities. In other words, today’s transformative innovation must create the future and pull the future into the present.

  • Strategy

    In an increasingly complex world of accelerating change, we should cling to our vision and mission, but we have no hope of clinging to our strategies. Futures-empowered strategic thinking allows us to include multiple alternative futures and possibilities in all of our decisions rather than employing the outdated linear practice of strategic planning, making all of our systems, tactics and actions nimble, agile, elastic, adaptive, robust and transformative.

  • Creativity

  • A futures-empowered mindset is one of the best ways to foster creativity in leadership and business. When people are given the chance to to think about the future in a provocative, intentional and constructive way, they are set free from the confines of their present reality. We have found over the years that futures-empowered activity develops greater team building, drives deeper talent development and engagement, moves employees past blinding assumptions and biases, and opens the doors to creative thinking throughout the entire organization.

  • Design

    Leaders in organizational, product, service, branding, media, UX/UI/XD, tech, and every other area that designs form, function, process and outcome are increasingly recognizing their need to incorporate futures thinking as a critical element. In our complex world, it isn’t enough to only create things that increase productivity or maximize profit. Today’s organizations must also comprehend the impact of emerging trends and see the possibilities that exist across multiple alternative futures. Good design thinking must be futures-empowered.

At the heart of our company is the belief that each of these areas of expertise – foresight, innovation, strategy, creativity and design – must be redefined and reframed for the new era of organizational and societal change we are experiencing. Old methods and tools will no longer get us to where we want to go. And that’s why we created a powerful new framework that we apply to every thing we do. 

Wicked Opportunities Framework®

Natural Foresight ToolkitOrganizations that understand how to leverage complexity, build narratives of change, adapt their strategy, transform their practices, discover unique ideas, and prepare for the future will be successful in the 21st Century. Kedge’s trademarked Wicked Opportunities Framework® recognizes that we must reframe organizational foresight, innovation, strategy, creativity and design as much more integrated practices while also offering a holistic toolkit that results in the development of a futures-empowered culture and competency.

Today’s businesses must operate in very complex environments, and “steps” or linear processes that lead to success have much less impact than ever before. The Wicked Opportunities Framework® solves this problem by providing a ongoing process consisting of practical tools, methods and skills. The phases in the Wicked Opportunities Framework® can be used together or leveraged independently in any order, depending on your business needs.

Discover: Challenge Assumptions and Old Ways of Thinking

Natural Foresight 1We all have a natural filter for information. It’s what keeps us sane in a world that is constantly bombarding our senses with data. Unfortunately, in an environment of volatile change this filtration system can lead us to unconsciously discount new ideas and opportunities if they don’t line up with our established perspectives. Intentionally challenging biases and assumptions helps us to overcome the tendency to interpret new information in terms of old beliefs and allows us to update our mental models. When we break past our biases, we are open ourselves and our organizations to different ways of perceiving the world around us. This “Unconscious Futures Modeling” helps us to practice the critical skill of “learn, unlearn, and relearn.”

Explore: Scan the External Environment to Uncover Hidden Opportunities

Natural Foresight 2Once we’ve addressed our ability to accept new information, we can begin to scan the external environment for trends, patterns and emerging issues that will shape our foresight, innovation, strategy, creativity and design. It’s important to understand not only the trends that are unfolding, but the value shifts that are creating those trends as well as the implications, impacts and guiding narratives in society, technology and business that are emerging as a result of those values and trends. Armed with the ability think about and act upon the future more accurately, organizations can then move forward with greater ability, confidence and success.


Map: Develop Strategies and Innovations Based On Trends and Emerging Patterns

Natural Foresight 3While no one can predict the future, we can create maps of the future that will prepare us for any risk, obstacle, disruption or opportunity that emerges. Scenario development provides these maps, allowing us to explore multiple alternative narratives of the future – well beyond our most robust intelligence, insights and scanning efforts. As many companies have demonstrated, scenarios are an incredibly powerful tool due to their ability to immerse an organization into future probabilities, possibilities, and aspirational outcomes. These stories allow us to assess the validity and robustness of our current foresight, innovation, strategies and design while also uncovering new ideas, products, and models that we may have otherwise missed.

Create: Design and Execute Specific Futures-Empowered Action Plans

Natural Foresight 4Discovering, exploring and mapping without taking action is a fruitless effort, so the Wicked Opportunities Framework® includes tools to test and execute our strategies, innovations and designs. Strategic Design, Futures Mapping and Scenario Planning tools help us to convert our futures intelligence into impactful and action-oriented decision making in the present. The power of these tools is directly linked to creating multi-faceted strategies, innovations and designs that are robust in their possibilities, solutions and outcomes for the organization.