Yvette Montero Salvatico | Principal and Managing Director

Yvette is driven by the desire to help organizations and individuals discover their innate and untapped ability to create the future. With 15+ years of corporate finance, HR and leadership experience, she is uniquely positioned to successfully leverage the power of strategic foresight for complex organizations and entrepreneurial start-ups alike. Yvette understands that while leaders continually tout the necessity of futures thinking on their teams, they fail to structure their business processes in a way in which long-term thinking is valued or rewarded. This fundamental disconnect is what causes businesses and organizations to miss opportunities and ultimately fail, and it’s this disconnect that she consistently helps to address and eliminate.


Frank Spencer | Principal and Creative Director

As the founding principal at Kedge, Frank knows the importance of helping today’s leaders to develop a futurist mindset and organizations to establish a future-empowered culture. His passion for this work, coupled with his creativity and impressive futures expertise in both the professional and academic realms have propelled Kedge to become one of the leading global foresight, innovation and strategic design firms. Frank possesses the unique skillset that is essential in assisting any organization that is seeking to create a foresight division or competency – a must have in today’s uncertain business environment. And he knows how to meet every client “right where they are,” helping them to leverage their strengths as a springboard to foresight-inspired thinking and action that creates both immediate and far-reaching success.


Candace Adorka | Marketing Manager

As a child, I learned I loved stories. There was no more thrilling feeling than getting lost in the adventure revealed through the pages of my favorite fairytale. As a journalist, I learned that stories have power — power to connect people, form ideologies, and spark monumental change. As a digital marketer, I learned how to deliver stories in the right context, so that the message is relevant to a target audience. As a futurist, I learned why stories pull us into the future – they contain the images of alternative possibilities that empower us to create our tomorrows. My skill set keeps evolving with the times, and the journey I started as a child follows a meandering course. But there is one constant, the north star of my career — effective storytelling. That is always the secret to success.


Victoria League | Marketing Coordinator

I’ve always loved fictional stories, and my studies as an English Literature major have only strengthened that love. I’ve come to realize the power of the written word in terms of storytelling; stories can analyze our current world and problems, and effect change in society. I want to be part of that change. Working in foresight, innovation and strategy affords me the opportunity to explore speculative futures, tell stories about transformation, and help our clients to build organizations that are adaptive and resilient through the use of provocative visions.