Kedge has a series of half-day, full-day and multi-day workshops aimed specifically at teaching participants how to:

  • Become futurist leaders
  • Foster a future-empowered workforce
  • Reframe ideation and product development for the complex landscape of the 21st Century
  • Discover unseen opportunity that exists beyond the confines of their industry
  • Create artifacts and prototypes of the future
  • Make current strategy adaptive and resilient 
  • Build aspirational vision and action-oriented roadmaps that achieve transformational growth

Yvette Workshop WebsiteAnd this is just the tip of the iceberg. Kedge has years of experience in designing customized workshops for businesses, agencies and non-profits that address specific issues around:

foresight • strategy • innovation • implementation • trend identification • environmental scanning • scenario planning • speculative design • team development • change management • organizational design • competency building and more.

Let us know about your needs and we will pull you to your desired destination.


How We Do It Speaking Section WebsiteKedge has over 20+ years experience keynoting and speaking to groups both large and small. Our exciting, engaging and mind-expanding style and presentations are much sought after by conferences, leadership and company retreats, association gatherings and more.

Having presented at events in Argentina, Australia, China, England, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, Singapore and across the U.S., Kedge principals Yvette Montero Salvatico and Frank Spencer are experts on topics such as:

the future of work & talent  •  technology futures (IOT, AI, wearables, digital tech, etc.)  •  how to build a future-empowered culture in your organization  •  the 7 major value shifts in the 21st Century  •  4 trend clusters shaping the future of humanity  •  the push & pull of the future  •  the futurist leader  •  emerging trends and how they will impact in your industry  •  leveraging complexity for an age of opportunity  •  case studies in foresight, innovation and strategy  •  the future of STEM education  •  creating personal futures 

Training and Development

How We Do It Training WebsiteThe team at Kedge are experts in working with you to build customized training and development for your group or company.

However, we also offer several established training programs centered around personal and organizational foresight; breakthrough and transformative innovation; and creating an environmental scanning and trend identification system for research, analysis and cataloging.



  • The Futures School

    This globally-acclaimed 3-day immersive, interactive and project-based program empowers participants with the critical skills of Strategic Foresight and Futures Thinking for a new era of complexity and change. To join the growing network of participants who have been a part of a TFS cohort, visit The Futures School website.

  • Wicked Opportunities®

    In our unique innovation program, we embrace the idea of “wicked” environments or increasing complexity as the natural order of growth. Instead of killing or subduing complexity, we leverage it to create a much more expansive landscape from which to discover new opportunities and exciting solutions to long-standing problems. This “creative complexity” promotes the meshing of previously siloed disciplines, unlocking new tools and ideas that lead us to abundant futures. Visit our Wicked Opportunities® page to learn more.

  • Design Futures

    This course is highly customizable based on client needs, and is designed to teach participants how to develop unique ideas and futuristic concepts. The training combines methods from scenario development, design fiction, experiential futures and design thinking in order to artifact and prototype new strategies, experiences, services, products, platforms and models.

  • Trends Plus

    Participants will learn the critical skills needed to become a robust environmental, horizon and speculative scanner, as well as the fundamental concepts of identifying emerging issues and patterns, ideas, “weak signals,” underlying values, counter trends and implications that are on the periphery of society, technology, the environment, economics, and policy. Diving deep into the “Art and Science of Scanning,” this course trains participants to explore both physically and digitally, create a trend database through an online bookmarking service, and to tag “scan hits” (i.e., articles, websites, journals, etc.) for accurate discovery, recovery and analysis.

  • Building a Futures-Empowered Organization 

  • Kedge clients often begin their relationship with us through keynotes, workshops or training, However, many continue that relationship by building an organization-wide foresight competency once they realize the importance of their strategies, innovation, outcomes and workforce being futures-empowered in a world of ever-increasing complexity. We have extensive experience in successfully embedding foresight into the organization through the implementation of our patented 4-part model that we call the Wicked Opportunities Framework. We work alongside you to build a futures team or division, make foresight critical to your planning processes, and integrate it across the organization.