Feb 10

Do You Know The One “Must Have” Leadership Skill of the 21st Century?

Leadership qualities tend to be timeless. It’s the reason why we spend so much time looking back through history at the women and men who led successful businesses, governments and social initiatives to pinpoint the common traits and skills that made them great. The thinking goes that, if we can emulate these women and men, […]

Jan 9

Does Strategy Make You Nervous?: Three Important Questions That Every Strategist Must Ask

Can we be completely honest and transparent for just a minute? Doesn’t “strategy” often feel like a four-letter word? (I know that it actually contains more than four letters, but you get the point.) Doesn’t the thought of building strategy for your organization that is both practical and motivating make you feel anxious and even […]

Mar 8

Design Thinking Must Be Future-Empowered

Leaders and companies often tell me how much they love design thinking. It provides them a tangible way to “think outside of the box” and create new pathways toward innovative action. However, once they integrate it into their organizational strategy and processes, they also tell me that they feel like a key element is still […]

Jan 3

A World-Famous Entrepreneur Got This 21st Century Rule of Innovation Completely Wrong!

That doesn’t mean that he’s not a genius. An amazing entrepreneur. Someone to look up to. A role model for innovators and business-people all over the world! And of course, he’s gotten a lot more right than he has gotten wrong. But this one is a doozy! The statement that “complexity is your enemy” is […]

Dec 6

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Listmas!

Strategic Planners, Talent Developers, Marketing Professionals, Innovation Directors and Business Analysts, rejoice! It’s the most wonderful time of the year. No, I’m not talking about the holidays. I’m talking about Listmas, that time of year when every single one of your favorite magazines, blogs and media outlets will be publishing a list of the “Top […]

Nov 25

Today’s Leaders Must Lead From The Future

If you’re in a position of leadership today, then you’ve definitely experienced what it means to be “environmentally challenged.” Normally, this phrase refers to the frustration of being too small or too tall in a world made for “normal” people. Maybe the shelf is too high for you to reach, or you are constantly hitting […]

Aug 2

Unconscious Futures Modeling

In recent years, huge companies such as Google and Facebook have adopted the practice of “Unconscious Bias Modeling,” taking their employees through workshops to uncover hidden biases and assumptions that are impacting innovation, diversity, creativity and decision making. (i.e. female workers are less competent than their male counterparts, even though they have the same level […]

Nov 30

World Future 2015: Kedge and The Futures School Made A Big Splash

This past weekend, Kedge brought The Futures School – our unique, immersive and hands-on 3-day program that teaches executives, leaders and entrepreneurs how to make foresight practical and action-oriented for strategy, innovation and organizational design – to WorldFuture 2015: Making The Future In San Francisco, the annual conference of the World Future Society. Our time […]

Apr 24

Did You Know That The Future Is Inside Of Your Organization?

The famous Austrian poet and novelist Rainer Maria Rilke once wrote, The future enters into us, in order to transform itself in us, long before it happens. For Rilke, the future wasn’t a distant and nonexistent concept that could be flippantly disconnected from the present. Rather, the seeds of the future were contained within the […]

Feb 7

Sense, Mesh and Transform: The 3 Critical Mindsets for 21st Century Leaders

When we are working with clients, we often tell them about an interesting incident that took place at a major economics conference immediately after the banking collapse in 2008. During one of the conference sessions, an executive from a Fortune 500 was asked when he would begin increasing the headcount in his organization. His response […]