“If you are trying to make sense of the future, find innovative solutions and opportunities, and take action to position your organization not just for survival but growth, then you need to work with Kedge. Their approach is transformative and energizing, yet anchored in tools and processes that should satisfy the most ardent pragmatist. They will help you to THINK BIG and DO BIG.”

Senior Vice President, Human Resources, TWDC

Latest Videos

3 Trend Patterns Shaping the future of Humanity in the 21st Century

Created 18th of October 2015

In this clip, I describe the 3 clusters of trends that are shaping the future of human interaction, consumption, technology, society, governance, etc.

Creating a Narrative for the Future (Beacon Network 2013)

Created 4th of September 2013

This unique presentation leveraged a powerful foresight tool called Causal Layered Analysis (CLA). The CLA model promotes the deeper understanding of issues by examining their root causes. Through a systematic and straightforward approach, CLA first helps participants uncover why trends manifest themselves as they do. With this new critical insight, individuals can then discover how altering their mindsets and telling new personal or organizational story can ultimately lead to better outcomes.